3 Ways To Cozy Up An Apartment Bedroom

Apartment living may be small, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be super cozy! Here are three tried and true ways to cozy up an apartment bedroom!


While we have been in our Knoxville apartment longer than we originally anticipated (big shout out to COVID-19 for that one ha), I must say that I have loved it from the very day that we moved in. Are there things that I would change? Of course. Can we make 800 square feet work forever? Definitely not, but while it is just the two of us I find it extremely warm and cozy!

Clearly, I am of the opinion that small space living is vastly underrated! Maybe that opinion will change with time and as our family grows, but in the moment I love it. I will be forever grateful that it helped us determine the things that we actually need versus things that are just clutter. When every shelf needs to have a purpose, you quickly realize that keeping the five 9×14 pans you got as wedding gifts is utterly ridiculous. My theory has become to keep the best of one thing (max two, like baking sheets) and donate the rest. Quality over quantity, always!

When it comes to our bedroom, we have done the same and changed a few things along the way to make it a more relaxing space. So, here are my three tried and true ways to cozy up your apartment bedroom! 


Invest In Great Bedding

My younger self never thought twice about what a sheet was made out of, but once I realized how much of a difference your sheets can make I never looked back. We now have this Signature Hemmed Sheet Set from Boll & Branch with two of the large Signature Hemmed Shams and a matching duvet on the way and I am telling you, they make all of the difference! They are 100% organic cotton and when the description says they are spun cloud-weight and super soft, BELIEVE IT. They are silky soft and feel so good at the end of the day! 

I dare say that when we changed to a more luxurious sheet set, it leveled up the whole feel of our bedroom. If you take any advice from this post it should be to look into Boll & Branch bedding. They have plenty of design and color options, but I just can’t resist the look of clean white bedding!



Lighting Is Everything

Apartment lighting is not the best. It comes with no dimmers or options of any kind, so we found our own! Michael picked up this set of Philips Hue Ambiance Smart Bulbs about a year ago and it may be the best purchase he has ever made. They are smart bulbs so they come with a remote, but also an app on your phone. You can dim them, change the color from warm to cool, make them practically any color you want, and set them on a timer. We keep one bulb in each bedside table lamp and the other in our living room floor lamp. I keep these set on a very warm glowy light and very rarely turn on our overhead lights because I love these so much. As I tell Michael, ambiance is everything! 

Side note: I absolutely adore our table lamps. They are taller than our old ones and that extra bit of height is perfection, especially when reading in bed. They are currently unavailable on Amazon, but they tend to restock often. 



Make It Personal

I think this is fairly obvious, but one of the most important points to make. Your bedroom should be your happy place. The place you walk into and immediately begin to relax. For me, that means photos that remind me of my best days. Right now they are prints from our wedding! Every time I see these photos my mind gets transported back to the moments from that day. The words that we whispered to only each other, the smile on Michael’s face when we saw each other for the first time, and the pure joy that I felt as we started our life together. I’m excited to add to these as we continue to age, travel, and make a million more memories along the way! 



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I'm Lauren, creator here at by Lauren Cermak! My husband Michael and I live in Tennessee. I'm into classic style, British baking shows, and pretty finds. My motto is dress like Kate, work like Reese, and entertain like Martha!

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  1. 10.22.20
    Kaitlyn said:

    Your room is gorgeous! What are the books on the bottom shelf of your nightstand? They’re beautiful!

    • 10.22.20
      Lauren said:

      Thank you so much Kaitlyn!! They are Penguin Clothbound Classics and my collection grows by the day ha! I started with this Jane Austen set so that’s the majority of what you see on the bottom shelf!

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