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Need to shop for a man in your life? This is the best detailed list of Gifts For Him. No matter your budget, no matter the man, I’ve got you covered!

Shopping for a guy can be a bit daunting, so this year I was able to convince Michael to put together a list of his own that I could share with you! He has always had impeccable taste, so you can rest assured that this list is the best of the best. Whether you are shopping for a dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, or friend I am confident that any of the men in your life would be thrilled to receive one of the below choices. I hope that this list of gifts for him can help to simplify your search. You can find my other gift guides here as they get published!

Let’s get to shopping!


Gifts For Him:

1. Nike Vaporfly

If you know a runner then you probably already know about these shoes. The Vaporfly is often considered the fastest marathon shoe when it comes to running! They have a full-length carbon fiber plate in the midsole that helps prevent energy loss and are made for long runs. Well worth the price tag from what I hear! Some more affordable options to consider are: the HOKA BondiAtreyu Running (they also have a cool subscription service) or Diadora



2. Lululemon 5 Inch Short

Michael's absolute favorite running shorts. He also loves the Nike 5 inch shorts and has multiple pairs of each. 



3. Nike Dri-Fit ½ Zips

Whether he's working out or just making a grocery run, I'd say these quarter zips are some of Michael's most worn items. I probably need to pick up a few new ones for his own Christmas! 



4. Larq Bottle

Probably the most used gift that I ever got him! These are self-cleaning water bottles and water purification systems that use UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from both your water and the bottle. He begged me to buy one for myself after he realized how much he loved using his! I have the Himalayan Pink and he has the Obsidian Black. Both in 17 ounce.



5. Common Projects

One of Michael's most mentioned shoe brands and I can completely see why. The sleek profile of these is hard to beat. My personal favorite is the white, but they come in several colors. Some similar, more affordable options are: Greats (If you watch Billions, Bobby Axelrod wears these - ha!), Vejas, or Stan Smiths


6. Lululemon Polo

These polos are the best as they wash and hold up incredibly well. Michael's favorites are the Metal Vent Tech Polo and the Evolution Polo. His office is business casual most of the time so he has a collection of these that he wears to work. 



7. Lacoste Polo

Speaking of polos... Does a classic Lacoste polo ever truly go out of style? For another option, he also loves the mesh Ralph Lauren ones! 



8. Levi's 1950's Tee

Michael has been on a months long journey to find the perfect men's black t-shirt and the Levi's 1950's has taken the lead! He swears by the cut of these. While a bit on the pricey end, the cut and fabric seem to get even better with age and I'm confident will last him a long time. Some of his other favorite t-shirt brands are: James Perse, Lady White Co., Front General Store Originals, and Sunspel, and Everlane



9. Lululemon ABC Pant Skinny

These are basically the only pants that Michael wears and he's been wearing them for years! He has them in every color and I am always impressed with how well they wash and hold up. He prefers the Skinny version, but also likes the ABC Pant Slim.



10. R.M. Williams 

If you are looking for truly special gift that they will have for years to come, look no further than these Chelsea Boots! R.M. Williams is a brand that cannot be matched in quality or style. Michael prefers the leather sole, but they do come in rubber as well. 



11. Ledburry and Eton Dress Shirts

When it comes to dress shirts, I can attest that Michael has spent so much time finding that perfect fit. He highly prefers a spread collar and I definitely agree on the fact that they look sharpest! These are his two favorite brands, but also has had his eye on Proper Cloth for quite some time.



12. Naadam Cashmere Sweaters

The older I get the more I realize that there is nothing better than a cashmere sweater. Michael is always finding the best new to me brands and this company is one of the latest. This cable knit crewneck is on his list right now! 



13. Hermes Ties

Talk about a special gift! An Hermes tie has been my go-to for his birthday the last few years because I know how much he loves them, but won't buy them himself. They are such a classic piece that he will have forever! He also likes Ferragamo as they are very similar in style. 



14. Swatch

Michael's favorite watches! Just google "Who wears Swatch watches" and you'll see a list CEOs that swear by the Swiss watch brand. They come in tons of so many colors and style choices! You can check out their actual website here



15. Bleu De Chanel Cologne

Cologne is a gift that I always know Michael will use. He has an extensive collection of favorites, but his top choice is the Bleu De Chanel that I got him two years ago! P.S. He still loves the classic Abercrombie Fierce and fun fact... So does David Muir, ha! 




Gifts For Him:



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