Monday Memo: Eighteen


“It isn’t where you came from. It’s where you’re going that counts.”

 – Ella Fitzgerald


Goals For The Week

  • Prep for a semi normal Easter. Well, more normal than last year at least! We will still be watching from home this year, but love watching Passion City Church. Highly recommend it if you’re looking for a place to watch this Sunday!
  • Get my first Covid shot! Tennessee opened vaccinations up to everyone now so we are jumping on it.
  • Check off all of my hate to do’s… Post office, schedule routine appointments, etc. I’m the worst about pushing this as long as I can, ha. 


Favorite Finds

  1. Ran across the prettiest floral coffee table books on Amazon! I mean how could you not love this one and this one
  2. We have a trip scheduled for June and I’m mentally already there wearing this, this, and this!
  3. Keep seeing people rave about these pillows. Consider me influenced!
  4. Our copy of Amanda Gorman’s Inaugural Poem The Hill We Climb arrives tomorrow! If you haven’t watched her Oprah interview on Apple TV, do yourself a favor and head there now. She’s an absolute gem of a human!
  5. I’ve elevated my clothes steaming game (I love our steamer!) by putting a drop of peppermint oil into the water. It’s very subtle, but I love randomly smelling the faint scent of peppermint throughout the day! P.S. I don’t want to know if this messes up my steamer. It’s worth it!
  6. Watched Bling Empire on Netflix last week and loved it! I turned it on for background noise and then got completely into it. If you like any of the Real Housewife shows, you’ll love it!
  7. Been having so much fun with the collage style Instagram feed posts I’ve been creating. My favorite last week was the Favorite Espadrille Finds!  


Catch up on any previous Monday Memos here! Wishing you the best week! 



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