Monday Memo: Nine



The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”

 – Ferdinand Foch


Goals For The Week

  • Post 10 items to @thegfgshop closet sale.
  • Make some new graphics for Instagram favorite finds. 
  • Start writing my shift to plant based eating blog post. 
  • Stay on schedule and don’t procrastinate. Future self thanks you! 


Favorite Finds

  1. One of my favorite shoe brands, Margaux, is having a sample sale and the prices are too good. The Pointe is always a favorite! 
  2. Just ordered these hair bands and tortoise clips. Evidently all of this time at home has me ordering random hair accessories. 
  3. This pretty salad was a win in the lunch department last week!
  4. Watched the Ralph Lauren documentary, Very Ralph on HBO, and now I dream in worlds of Ralph Lauren. 
  5. Just found Pauline & Geoffrey Walker on Instagram @geoffreywalk and I am so in love with them. 
  6. Took Leanne Hainsby’s 45 minute 2010s ride from 1/9 last night and sang the entire time!
  7. Been eyeing these $30 joggers on Amazon. Look so comfortable!
  8. Ran out of my favorite toner and almost lost my mind. I am fully reliant! It’s a game changer to get that perfect dewy skin.
  9. Bought a few of these baskets for our pantry and immediately wanted more. 
  10. Watched Spinning Out on Netflix in less than 12 hours. Left me wanting more. Spoiler alert – There isn’t going to be more!! 



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