Monday Memo: One

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

 - L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


Oh, Anne... I couldn't agree more!

We spent the weekend welcoming my favorite time of year here in Tennessee - 2020 style, of course. This is the most beautiful time of year for our area, but unfortunately it never seems to last long enough so we know to savor every perfect Autumn day that we get. This includes plenty of long walks, balcony sitting, and open windows! 

As we dive head first into the last bit of the year I took a look back at my goals for the year and noticed a big one that I never made the time for. I wanted to train myself to write blog posts 5 days of the week. I know that may sound simple, but with a full time job and a global health pandemic it quickly got pushed to the end of the line. With a few things leveling out it seems manageable now and I'm excited to start creating the habit!

I always start my week (and day) off with a few lists so a weekly Monday Memo seemed like a must to incorporate!


Weekly Goals:

  • Prep my fall sweaters - Meaning dry clean or hand wash. Cannot believe we are finally hitting sweater weather!
  • Finish reading Moby Dick - It is beyond time to cross this one off of my Classics Reading Challenge! Anyone else start a book and then bounce to three others before they go back to finish it? 
  • Limit unproductive screen time - After watching The Social Dilemma, I've started noticing how many times I mindlessly pick my phone up throughout the day. Trying to cut this back... drastically! 
  • Stop at one episode - I'm the worst at getting sucked into a good series. Currently, Grey's Anatomy. I need to learn that only watching one episode a night is okay, ha!
  • Update my passport - Seems like a good time since it is currently out of commission!
  • Go on nightly walks -  Got to soak up all of this perfect weather. 


A Few Favorites:

  1. Just got this camel sweater and I want them to make it in every color. FYI -You can find more of my favorite finds here!
  2. Michael ordered a set of these 16 oz clear to-go tumblers and I have never used a cup more. For some reason I drink twice as much water a day if I use a straw. 
  3. This Cinnamon Banana Bread is officially all we eat now... 
  4. The 14 Best Cookbooks of Fall 2020 - I want them all!
  5. The shoe brand that I swear by. You must try the Natalie flats - I just got the Saddle color for fall! Use the following code for $50 off your first pair: SARAHFLINT-BALAURENCE 
  6. I just started My Oxford Year and it is such a perfect chick lit read for Fall! FYI - My Fall Reading List will be live here Wednesday! 
  7. Loving the Barre classes on the Peloton app. Cannot wait for our bike to arrive next week!
  8. Amazon Prime Day is this month. Time to read up! - 5 Things to Avoid on Prime Day
  9. If you live near a Fresh Market, they have the BEST apple cider donuts right now.
  10. Emily In Paris on Netflix... You're welcome! 




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I'm Lauren, creator here at by Lauren Cermak! My husband Michael and I live in Tennessee. I'm into classic style, British baking shows, and pretty finds. My motto is dress like Kate, work like Reese, and entertain like Martha!

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