Monday Memo: Six


“For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice.” 

 – T.S. Eliot


Happy New Year friends! 

I hope you all had the most amazing holiday. We kept things pretty low key and I was so thankful for the R&R. The past year definitely had its challenges, but as I reflect over the year it also brought so much good! I feel like in many ways it was a year of clarity. Like when forced to pause, we stripped life down to its core and found something so beautiful that we never want to cover it up again. Don't get me wrong, I am more than ready to take one of the trips we had to cancel or eat inside at our favorite restaurants, but I know I will never forget or take for granted the lessons learned. 


What You Can Expect From GFG In 2021

Change and pivots came in waves last year and this space was not immune. Back in 2017 Going For Grace started by posting solely recipes and then expanded with additions of entertaining, parties, and style as it grew. Due to my day job becoming essential and COVID restrictions, it became increasingly more difficult to shoot entertaining content in 2020. Because of this, I found my way back to my first love... Recipes! At first I was bummed about the shift, but it quickly revealed itself as the biggest blessing.

I was reminded how much I love posting recipes. From the recipe development to shooting and sharing, there is no doubt that it lights my fire. The good news is that evidently it lights your all's too because even with all the twists and turns, 2020 was GFG's best year yet! 

That being said, here are some things you can expect from me this year: 

  • Mostly recipes! I'm giving myself a theme to create from for each month and can already tell that it is going to be so much fun. 
  • More detailed and helpful posts. Over the last 4 months I've been in the process of updating all of my old posts to make them more detailed and helpful. It's been a labor of love, but it is so important to me that I provide you with the most useful content possible! 
  • Weekly catch ups. AKA, Monday Memos. They are here to stay! I love starting the week with these posts. 
  • More in the moment Instagram Stories. From recent Amazon purchases to must watch tv, I am making it a priority to spend more time sharing and connecting with you all on the IG Story platform. If you don't follow along yet be sure to find me @goingforgrace

I’m looking forward to connecting with you this year, through Instagram, Pinterest, newsletters, and most importantly right here! I hope that you leave feeling inspired each and every day.

I am so excited and hopeful for all that is to come in 2021.


Goals For The Week

  • Less tv, more reading. 
  • Get back into a healthy routine. Time to retrain my holiday brain, ha!
  • Prepare/organize to file our taxes.


Favorite Finds

  1. Currently washing and wearing and washing and wearing this bra 24/7. Think it's time to get another. 
  2. This French toast bake is beyond good and my most sought after recipe right now. 
  3. Finally watched On The Basis of Sex followed by RBG and I am in awe. No matter your political opinions, her life, love, and work ethic are to be admired.
  4. Speaking of what to watch... Bridgerton on Netflix. If you haven't watched it yet, you must! Fair warning for those with kids, it's way steamy once you get into it. 
  5. Re sharing my smoothie recipe while trying to up my greens intake: 1 cup kale, ½ cup spinach, 1 cup frozen blueberries, couple sprigs of mint leaves, water. Shockingly good.
  6. Michael has me reading Michael Greger's books How Not To Die and How Not To Diet. He is super health conscious and is not so subtly trying to make me more so.  Lucky him, I'm all in! Loving the no nonsense writing so far and they are both on Audible. 
  7. Gearing up for more of my Classic Reading Challenge. I need to give you another update of where I am at soon, but here is the last one! 
  8. Still ballet obsessed by the way! Watched On Pointe on Disney+ and teared up multiple times. 
  9. In December I started making myself bento boxes for lunch and I'm excited to keep it up. I'd rather eat off of a snack board than a meal so this has been perfect for me. I purchased this $12 box at first to make sure I'd like it and now I'm eyeing this more sturdy looking one. 
  10. So excited that Peloton now has Pilates classes. Doing my first one tonight! 



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  1. 1.4.21
    Meredith said:

    Glad I’m not the only one who got teary-eyed throughout On Pointe! Such a sweet show.

    • 1.4.21
      Lauren said:

      Oh goodness, yes! I don't think I made it through one episode without tearing up. I hope they do another season soon!


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