Monday Memo: Thirty-Two


I'm still very much Kate.” 

 – Kate Middleton


goals for the week

  • Make returns I've been putting off
  • Get back to a consistent bed time
  • Schedule yearly wellness appointments 


favorite finds

  1. You probably guessed it from the quote, but we have to address Kate's 40th birthday portraits. Stunning! I can honestly say that I was not expecting these. The black and white close up was my favorite! Which was yours?
  2. Do you know you're getting older when glass spray bottles bring you joy? 
  3. My friend Mary released her first novel, Without A Hitch, and this chick lit is exactly what your winter blues need! 
  4. Picked up this navy coat when we were in Georgetown and am so impressed with it. Timeless, tailored, perfect.
  5. We watched Dopesick on Hulu this weekend and I highly recommend it. It is gut wrenching and painful to watch at times, but we both learned so much from it. 
  6. Finally found the perfect pair of under $100 jeans. I never like jeans, so this is a big deal!
  7. Fun fact... I was a Nancy Drew die hard growing up. Over my little holiday break I turned on the CW's Nancy Drew while I was folding laundry and then proceeded to binge with the best of them. It's creepy and definitely not how I remember the Nancy Drew of my childhood, but I love it. First two seasons are on Hulu and the third is currently on the CW. 
  8. Got this large lady for Christmas and it has changed the cooking game for me. We have had a smaller one for years now so my advice is go with the big one to start with! 


Catch up on any previous Monday Memos here. Wishing you the best week! 



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