Monday Memo: Twelve



The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

 – Socrates


Goals For The Week

  • A decent bed time! I’ve been staying up way too late the last few weeks. 
  • Workout at least 5 times this week. 
  • Check my progress on my classics reading challenge
  • Finish up Spring content schedule!


Favorite Finds

  1. We binged hard on Succession over the long weekend. We are hooked! Give it two or three episodes to build before you count it out! 
  2. You need this avocado dip and pico in your life! Nacho recipe to go with them coming this week!
  3. Ordered my first The Laundress products this week! Very excited to try them out. 
  4. Watched the final To All The Boys movie and my cheesy self loved every single one of them! 
  5. Stumbled across this cookware set and cannot get over how perfect it is! 
  6. This $30 Amazon sweater has taken over the internet and I jumped on board this week. I got the celadon color and it’s too pretty! 
  7. If you’re looking for new drinking glasses, these cuties are for you! 
  8. Been having so much fun with the collage style Instagram feed posts I’ve been creating. I hope you’ve been loving them too! 


Catch up on any previous Monday Memos here! Wishing you the best week! 


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