Monday Memo: Twenty-Five


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

 – Lao Tzu


Goals For The Week

  • Consistent wake up time
  • Daily green juice
  • Feel more organized by Friday!


Favorite Finds

  1. Just invested in this juicer and my life is better for it. I've been doing a daily green juice - celery, cucumber, ginger, and lemon - and I'm seeing many benefits!  
  2. Been testing out new fragrances seeing if Michael would react to one and this one was the winner!
  3. Been listening to the Drama Queens podcast with Sofia Bush, Hilarie Burton, and Bethany Joy AKA Brooke, Peyton, and Haley. They're going through One Tree Hill episode by episode each week and I'm loving every second of it! 
  4. Finally bought a Boos cutting board and have never been happier to food prep. Is its height excessive? Maybe, but I love the look!
  5. Wearing this dress today and it is so comfortable and flattering!
  6. Added these peel pads to my nightly skincare routine and a few weeks in I'm so glad I did.
  7. These loafer slides are on my radar. Gucci sleek for $80!
  8. Just finished The Bold Type on Hulu. Modern Sex & The City vibes and yes, very bold at times. Sutton and Richard deserve a spin off!
  9. This brand is on my radar in a big way. This dress makes me excited for fall! 
  10. Been having so much fun with the collage style Instagram feed posts I’ve been creating. My favorite last week was the Favorite J.Crew New Arrivals!


Catch up on any previous Monday Memos here! Wishing you the best week! 



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