Monday Memo: Two


“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.”

 – Oscar Wilde


We have leaf change friends! Over the last week we’ve seen gold and orange hues starting to peep through which means we are probably just a week or two away from our full glorious fall color. I always love how it takes its time! 

This weekend was a slow, but busy one. I cleaned out even more of my closet. I know, it seems impossible that there could be any more to clean out as much as I get rid of, but it tends to multiply! So a stop at the donation center is definitely on my list of goals this week! 


Weekly Goals:

  • Decide on new cookware – This is the hardest decision! I’m really intrigued by Great Jones. Anyone have their set?
  • Transition closet to cool weather – Anyone else have to block an entire day for this task, ha.
  • Drop off all boxes at post office – I always put this off until I’m walking in with too much to carry!
  • Drop off at donation center – This may take multiple trips! 
  • Do daily Peloton ride + barre class – Our bike is scheduled to arrive tomorrow… Eek!
  • Catch up on my daily lessons Sadly, I fell behind last week. 


A Few Favorites:

  1. As usual, J.Crew has me fully prepped for fall. I ordered this gorgeous emerald lady jacket and these tall leather boots and both arrived even more beautiful than expected. P.S. Be sure to get them while they are still on sale! 
  2. I’ve been loving this orange spice tea every night. 
  3. This is the soup of the hour at our house! 
  4. I’ve been loving this devotional to start my days!
  5. Why has it taken me this long to start The Great British Baking Show on Netfllix! I’m hooked. It’s oddly very relaxing.
  6. Are you a claw clip fan? I don’t think I could make it through a work day without one! 
  7. I just finished The Secret Life of Violet Grant and am still not over that ending!! So so good! More of what I’m reading this fall here
  8. Currently crushing hard on tweed sets – I blame all of the Chanel references I’ve seen/read lately!
  9. Having a micro wedding? This read is for you! The Cushnie column dress would be my pick, no doubt!
  10. These apple cider blondies are the perfect fall treat!




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