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How To Clean and Recycle Candle Jars

Simple steps to easily clean and recycle candle jars for reuse, but specifically into the most elegant flower vases! Perfect for table settings, home decor, and gifting!

When my friends at Yankee Candle asked me about creating content focused on how to clean and recycle candle jars I was instantaneously excited! Recycling candle jars has always been something that I thought would be fun to do, but never got around to doing it. In all honesty, there are some DIY projects that intimidate me and cleaning candle jars happened to be one of them.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this could be done with no mess and only one minute of hands on time - YES!! As long as your candle is the same size from top to bottom, like the ones pictured, this method will work for you.

Recycled candle jars on table as flower vases.

What You Need to Clean Candle Jars

  • Old candle jars - My favorite candle to buy for our home is without hesitation the Yankee Candle Large 2-Wick Tumbler. I love how the jar design of these candles is minimal and sleek, making it the perfect size floral arrangements! 
  • A freezer - The key piece! 
  • A thin tool - A butter knife or even skewer stick will do. 
  • Adhesive Remover - This is to remove any unwanted labels or stickers, but want to know something life changing? The labels on Yankee Candle's tumblers are made to peel right off with no residue. I didn't have to use an adhesive remover on a single one of these!
  • Soap & Water
Recycled candle jars on table as flower vases.

How To Clean and Recycle Candle Jars

I tested this method out on multiple levels of remaining wax (one inch, three inches, and five inches) and all came out seamlessly!

  1. Gather the candle jars that you want to re-purpose. 

  2. Remove lids and place jar into freezer. 

  3. Leave in freezer for at least 2 hours - I prefer overnight. 

  4. Remove from freezer and slide a thin tool such as a butter knife or skewer stick between the wax and the glass and wiggle just a few seconds.

  5. Turn candle upside down and pop wax out! 

  6. Scrape off any wax that may have stuck to the sides of the jar and wash with soap and water. 

Recycled candle jars on table as flower vases.

Other Ways To Recycle Candle Jars

You can use cleaned and recycled candle jars in so many different ways. I fell in love with the way that mine turned out as floral vases! So much so that my next recycling project is to create an herb garden with multiple sized Yankee Candle tumblers!

  • Hold makeup brushes
  • Hold desk items such as pens or paperclips
  • Planting flowers, herbs, or succulents
Lauren Cermak with recycled candle jars on table as flower vases.

A special thank you to Yankee Candle for making this post possible! I could not be more thrilled to be considered a Yankee Candle Ambassador for 2020! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that make By LC possible! 

*Yankee Candle does not have a recommended method for removing wax.

Recycled candle jars on table as flower vases.

Did you clean and recycle candle jars?

I can’t wait to hear what you use your clean and recycled candle jars for! When you make them, be sure to leave an amazing review in the comments below or tag @bylaurencermak on social!

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