List of our Most Used Kitchen Items

Do you just not know where to begin when it comes to the kitchen? We've got you covered with the below list of kitchen items! With links to eleven of our most used and beloved kitchen items, it's a breeze to shop. These are the things you need in your kitchen or at least I do in mine! Bookmark this list whether you are moving into your first home, building out a wedding registry, or just looking to upgrade your kitchen tools!

List of our Most Used Kitchen Items:

Gold baking set from our list of most used kitchen items.

Baking & Roasting

Gold Baking Set

We have had our set of these for going on five year and use them daily! Whether roasting veggies, baking cookies, or just warming up some tortilla shells; they always come in handy. Plus, they're really pretty!

Drinking glasses from our list of most used kitchen items.

An Everyday

Drinking Glasses

Our most used when it comes to glasses. We have both the 21 and 24 ounce set and they are the best for smoothies! Bonus... they come with lids.

Knife set from our list of most used kitchen items.

Chop & Slice

Daily Knife Set

This set of two are the only knives we own right now and honestly, I haven't ever thought I needed any others! They feel good in your hand and have stayed perfectly sharp.

Chopping block from our list of most used kitchen items.

Chop it

Chopping Block

I am so in love with this chopping block. Is it's thickness excessive? Maybe, but that's where the charm is! 

Copper mixing bowls from our list of most used kitchen items.

Mix & Store

Copper Mixing Bowls

We got these bowls a few months ago and they are the BEST. The sizes are great, nesting is a huge yes, and lids for food storage!  

Blender from our list of most used kitchen items.

Worth It

Vitamix Pro 750

The star of our kitchen and worth every penny. We use this blender for everything; smoothies, dips, dressings, and more! If you're a daily smoothie maker it is a must. 

Walnut utensils from our list of most used kitchen items.


Walnut Utensils

Look, they're gorgeous and that's all you need to know. But really… I love that this set has everything you need!  

Electric tea kettle from our list of most used kitchen items.

Tea Time

Electric Kettle

We have loved having this kettle on our counter! It heats up so quickly and I love the temperature control. I'm a tea drinker and Michael uses it for pour over coffees.  

Le Creuset dutch oven from our list of most used kitchen items.

Call It An Heirloom

Dutch Oven

Fully convinced that we couldn't survive without our dutch ovens. We have a 7 quart and a 5 quart. Both amazing sizes, but we use the smaller on the daily when cooking for the two of us. I joke that I will pass mine down to my favorite child! If you want to start at a lower price point, google the Great Jones Dutchess! I prefer Le Creuset, but it is a great option.  

Slow juicer from our list of most used kitchen items.

Juice on Juice

Whole Slow Juicer

If I'm living right, my daily green juice is a must. Michael did a lot of research on juicers for me and landed on this slow juicer as the best option. A higher price tag than blade options, but we are sure it will last much longer! And it's very easy to clean. 

Copper cooking set from our list of most used kitchen items.

Investment Worthy

Copper Cookware Set

We invested in this set a few years ago and it keeps getting better with age. I love a worn copper look! It cooks extremely well and looks even better. If you have open shelving, you need. I know I'll have these for years to come. 

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