Peach Cobbler Popsicles

Peach cobbler popsicles by Southern Lifestyle expert Lauren Cermak. Peach cobbler popsicles by Southern Lifestyle expert Lauren Cermak.

A recipe for homemade peach cobbler popsicles that turns every bit of warm peach cobbler goodness into a chilled warm weather treat!


Hi sweet friends! Remember when I said I was going to soak up every peachy moment of summer that we have left? This is how. From peach bundt cakes to homemade peach cobbler popsicles! Peach cobbler is easily one of my favorite desserts of all time. But when temperatures reach the 90s, who really wants a piping hot dessert? These peach cobbler popsicles turn every bit of warm peach cobbler goodness into a chilled warm weather treat! You'll love how quick and easy these are to make!

My Favorite Part

My favorite part of this cool dessert (pun intended), is baking the peaches. I love the way that this makes my kitchen smell! Plus, I don't at all mind the taste testing that may or may not have occurred at this stage! In all seriousness, do not skip this step. It truly is what sets these popsicles apart!

Tips & Tricks

When choosing a popsicle mold, simple is best. I know there are five hundred cute and unique types of molds out there, but let's be real... A princess popsicle mold will be very hard to perfect.

Be sure your popsicle stick is at least halfway into the mold before setting. This is an important step so that the popsicle stays secure while eating. There are plenty of molds out there that come with a plastic handle to attach to the mold. Those are great! Honestly, I went with the old school popsicle sticks because they were more aesthetically pleasing! Yes, I'm that girl!


You can find the full recipe and even more tips featured on Best Friends For Frosting!


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