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An Honest Review: Artifact Uprising

An honest review of Artifact Uprising products. Reviewing the layflat photo albums and how I use them! 

One thing that I have charged myself to stay on top of is keeping our family photos organized. A photo can spark endless emotion and nostalgia with just a simple glance, so I want to protect every memory that I can. This is where Artifact Uprising comes in!

Before I get too far ahead of myself, I want you to know that this review of Artifact Uprising is not sponsored. I have purchased all of our family's products with my own money, so no need to wonder on that front. Every word here is my genuine review, no strings attached! If you enjoy this review, I've started a category here on the site called An Honest Review for those items I just have to review. Like this popular post about Sarah Flint Shoes!

Navy blue Artifact Uprising layflat photo albums with gold lettering on white bed.

About Artifact Uprising

When it comes time to save your memories, this custom online shop has everything you could ever want; books, prints, gifts, framing, and more! Created by a family of professional photographers, the high quality and elevated design is unmatched. Their products feel infinitely special, not just because they are full of your own photos, but because you can tell that each product is so carefully crafted.

One of my favorite parts about this company is the "made to love guarantee". If you aren't completely happy with your order, they take the time to make it right. I haven't had to put that to the test since I've been completely charmed with every order I've placed, but I can vouch for their excellent customer service!

Navy blue Artifact Uprising layflat photo albums with gold lettering on white bed.

Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album

Friends, my heart lies within the pages of our layflat photo albums. God forbid there ever a fire in our home, I would grab Michael and these albums! These albums are heirloom worthy and beyond beautiful with ultra-thick pages, seamless page spreads, a linen fabric cover, and foil stamped titles. I love that you can customize your album size, linen color, foil color, paper, and page count. Plus, I've made a lot of photo albums in the past and can confidently tell you that the Artifact Uprising process and customizer are the most simple that I have seen!

Navy blue Artifact Uprising layflat photo albums with gold lettering on white bed.

Our Family Photo Albums

I began our album collection with our engagement pictures. One day, I realized that I had all of our gorgeous engagement pictures (which we, of course, paid a lot of money for!) saved on my desktop for no one to see. I love these photos so much and desperately wanted them to be in a safe place for the future. When I got that beautiful album in the mail I knew I had found something special. I went on to create matching albums for Our Wedding Day, The Beginning of Us, and The First Five Years. Now, every time I see our albums on the bookshelf my heart melts thinking of the day that our kids and grandkids will flip through them saying how handsome their young dad was!

Navy blue Artifact Uprising layflat photo albums with gold lettering on white bed.

My Album Customization Selections

When I make our albums (the ones you see in these photos) these are the selections that I choose: 8.25 x 11 album size, midnight blue fabric color, gold foil lettering, and superfine paper.

I love the 8.25 x 11 size album because it looks like a yearbook and allows you a lot of space for multiple picture layouts. I prefer a clean aesthetic with no page text for our albums, but you do have the option of adding text to the pages of your book. Once you upload your photos to the Artifact Uprising gallery, you can choose to either manually place each page layout and photo or have them automatically fill your photos into the book pages. I always choose to make my pages manually because I like them to be in a certain chronological order, but if you aren't as picky you could save a lot of time choosing auto fill!

The midnight blue linen fabric is what dreams are made of. I've seen photos where people go with a rainbow of colors for their different books and while beautiful, it just isn't my cup of tea. I love the uniformity of each book being the same deep blue with gold lettering. I mean, imagine a lifetime's worth of these beautiful blue books filling a whole wall in our home one day!

My hope is to make these books an annual gift to our family for years to come. I love the idea of having a family yearbook that everyone can look back on and reminisce over our travels, life events, and loved ones!

Navy blue Artifact Uprising layflat photo albums with gold lettering on white bed.

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  1. Thank you for you review! I want to give a special gift to a special couple and didn’t want it to be a “plate”. Lol I’m giving them a gift card to make a photo book from their honeymoon. I hope they find it as special as you!!