Summer Reading List

The Royal We

Shocking choice, I know. I had read so many wonderful reviews on this book and after getting through the first few chapters I already know why. It seems to be a glorious Hallmark movie wrapped up in a book! An American woman, Bex, goes to Oxford and accidentally falls in love with the dreamy royal. This book was written in 2015 and I must say that it is quite the foreshadowing of our beloved Megs and Harry! This fun read is my first summer pick and I'm LOVING it so far.


The Cactus

This book is the June pick for Reese's Book Club and if the content is as beautiful as the cover then I will be very pleased. I have yet to start this one, but the storyline looks to be about a single, type A woman named Susan whose life gets turned upside down. According to Reese, Susan is quite the character! I feel like this would be a great beach or travel read!


The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters

I love to mix up the light reads with biographies or historical fictions and cannot wait to dig into this one. At first glance, I can already tell this one will be quite captivating! Any time you have a story about sisters it's bound to be interesting, but make those sisters glamorous icons - Even better!



Daisy Jones & The Six

To be quite honest, I'm going into this one blind. While I have heard the name, I have no idea who Daisy Jones & The Six are. So it is TBD how this will one will go over!


The Plaza

This book peaked my interest from first site! The Plaza is at the top of my New York itinerary so anything related to it always pulls me in. I blame Eloise. This book promises hidden secrets, historical moments, and plenty of scandal!


My Husband's Wife

Y'all... This book is way out of my reading comfort zone. I tend to stay far away from the thrillers because well, nightmares. I am a wild dreamer! I've decided to brave this one though simply because the cover caught my attention. Good reason?? I may not make it through, but I'm going to at least give it a try!



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  1. Based on your picks here, you might like a new book called "The Kennedy Heirs". It's all about the Kennedy kids, including JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. I can't wait to read it! 🙂

    briana | youngsophisticate.com

    1. Oh I would love that one! I just read the summary of it and it looks so good! Thank you so much Briana!